Surprise! We’re engaged. And I leave for Africa in 7 days…

What a weekend!

Last week I was flying through life on auto pilot, nervous for these upcoming weeks + about ending my current job, anxious about Africa & just ready for life to stand still for a minute.

We left on Thursday evening to drive to Sedona, Arizona where I was a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding.Β  We stayed in Moab for a night before continuing on and then Arizona from Friday-Sunday.

Kristine and Spencer had an amazing wedding perched up on a hill with the beautiful Arizona red rocks as their backdrop. Just stunning!Β  It was my first time to Sedona, Ben was my date and we brought all 3 dogs. We rented a dog friendly AirbNb and stayed about 10 miles outside of Sedona proper in Cornville which is known for its hot springs, vineyards & various wineries. Just beautiful!

It was so great to catch up with Kristine, finally meet Spencer, and partake in all of their wedding festivities. What a blessing Kristine has been in my life + what a blessing the two of them are together. I love love, especially when it’s so pure.

On Sunday morning we packed up from the AirbNb, loaded the dogs and headed back to Colorado. From Sedona to Silverthorne it’s a 10 hour drive. Saturday night Ben had asked if we could take a detour to the Grand Canyon which was only about 28 miles one way out of the way, so an hour round trip detour. Ummmmm, of course I said YES! I love the Grand Canyon and any time I’m able to add a little adventure to a long drive, I’m all in. Plus, we were in Arizona, we absolutely LOVE THE DESERT and I wanted to see some nature.

Little did I know Ben had a ring made for me weeks prior, had already asked my dad weeks ago, and was just waiting until after the wedding to propose.

We were sitting on an overlook at the Grand Canyon Sunday morning, taking selfies with Copper, who was sitting on my lap. Once we were finished with our pictures I was sitting there and mentioned to Ben that it was probably time to head out.

At that moment, overlooking one of the most beautiful sites (and at a National Park– we really love our NP’s and our public lands!), Ben said he had to ask me something. I was totally clueless and just said “What?” He pulled out the ring. I was in shock and asked him if he was serious. At some time during the next minute I said Yes.

I think I was still in shock over the next hour.Β  I pretty much knew that at some point over the next few months, Ben would propose. But I had no idea he had a ring made, had been hiding it, had called my dad, had been planning on a special proposal. And I especially had zero clue that yesterday morning was going to be the day. He really surprised me and I am so thankful for that. The ring is perfect, the proposal was perfect, Ben is perfect! I really just thought we were making a quick detour to see a special National Park. The Grand Canyon will always have a really special place in our hearts πŸ’ž

Next up: I leave for Africa in 7 DAYS! Then I’ll be back and the wedding planning can beginΒ πŸ’πŸ’•

Kristine’s Wedding:

Being a bridesmaid has many perks– including getting your hair and makeup done πŸ™‚
Just a stunning back drop for a wedding
The beautiful bride! Kristine and I met in Massachsuetts when we both transferred to college at Umass Amherst. We’ve been great friends since ❀
We clean up nice sometimes

Grand Canyon / Proposal:

Just hanging out with Copper, no idea what was coming
We’re engaged!
Love this man. He’s my best friend.
Also, I don’t know how he could make the exact perfect ring, but he did! It’s so beautiful and it’s not from Africa (I had mentioned that I really did not want a ring from Africa. I was pretty set on a lab grown, conflict free diamond. If you don’t know about diamond rings and the horrible things that go on in some places when diamonds are mined– please look it up!)
My boy was there to experience all of this with us
The view!

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  1. Congrats on your engagement! That’s a beautiful ring!

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