Tomorrow πŸ”†

Well, I am all packed up & we headed out. Currently en route to Boulder to enjoy a nice lunch & then run a few final errands.

A multi day winter storm is bearing down on Colorado so I got a hotel room close to the airport so I can shuttle in tomorrow.

Ben and the dogs are with me now, and will stay with me tonight in Denver before Ben has to get back up to the mountains tomorrow for work– keep him in your prayers as him and the dogs have to hit the road early tomorrow in snow to travel up to worse snow. Luckily he’s got new weather tires & a 4WD.

This storm should drop anywhere from 5-10 inches in the lower elevations and up to 1.5 feet in the mountains over the next few days.

I am really hoping our flight gets out on time tomorrow. We have a noon departure to Seattle, and then to Dubai. We’ll spend a night in Dubai (we get to stay over & go out to dinner in the city!) before heading on to Entebbe, Uganda.

I think I’m ready. But even if I’m not– we go πŸ”†

Iganga, Uganda πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬ Africa bound until November 8th.

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