The Busy Season

The past few weeks since returning from Africa have been busy but productive. Time is flying!

I immediately started my new job in Colorado. I’m working at a small hospital in the mountains.

Upon returning home I battled severe jet lag + some sort of illness I brought home from Africa. I ended up missing two days of my new job during week #2 but luckily my new boss scheduled me for this coming week- no problem.

While at home I spent a few days wedding planning and actually got so much accomplished in between drinking water, taking antibiotics and sneaking in naps.

Over the past two weeks I:

– Created a budget

– Picked our (semi destination) location

– Found a ceremony venue

– We Picked a date!

– We Made our guest list

– Ordered + printed our save the dates

– Decided upon a tiny wedding party

– Found a wedding photographer

– Found an engagement session photographer

Whew! So much goes into planning a wedding. The first few days were pretty stressful but honestly? Now I’m having a great time looking at all of the various websites and plans and colors and flowers! I am fairly simple so it’s really fun to have found an already beautiful, bohemian ceremony site that Doesn’t require much, but would look even better with just some simple, pretty, custom, rustic touches. I’m so excited 💕

Aside from wedding planning– we are just heading back from Kentucky! Literally. Ben is driving while I sit and type this. We’ve been in Kentucky for the past week. Bens parents made our stay great by feeding us well, putting up with our three dogs (mostly, putting up with mine 🤣) & helping us so we could stay at the family farm cabin for two nights.

It was a lot of fun and long overdue to get to spend some more time in Kentucky. I hadn’t been since Christmas of 2017! Way overdue.

Up next: it’s almost Christmas🎄 ! Holy Moly. I leave for California 12/16 where I’ll be working through March. I’ll also be wedding planning & exploring more of California while Ben holds down the fort in Breckenridge aka “the ice box” as we now refer to Colorado mountain life ☃️ Luckily Ben gets to come visit for the holiday + the dogs will be with me 💕

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