A quick weekend getaway

Amidst the crazy that has been the last month +, we were able to get away last weekend and meet in the middle of Colorado and California. Arizona! Sedona is about a 10.5 hour drive for each of us. Ben found us a dog friendly Airbnb in town and we set off for an outdoorsy weekend away. Ben really needed to escape the cold and every.single.day. snow of the mountains and I was ready to get out of the Valley. I feel soooo claustrophobic here without easy access to public lands. I could never live in a place with such limited access to the outdoors. Sure, this valley of California has Yosemite a couple hours away and the coast an hour and a half but that’s just it. Those are a couple hours away. I need access in my backyard. Yes, I am so spoiled, I know. But, that’s Colorado. Or Alaska. Or wherever else I’ve lived in the past 11 years. You become so accustomed to having nearly unlimited access that this access grows into you. When it’s not there, you feel it. I feel it every single day.

In Sedona we hiked with the dogs, ate great food & watched the Chiefs in the playoffs. It was really an amazing time! Our AirBNb had trails just a couple minutes from it’s door.

Sedona is just amazingly beautiful.  It feels so quaint but it’s got everything one could need (including a Whole Foods!). Really the only downside is how touristy it is.

Ben and I really, really love the desert and while Utah takes the cake, Arizona is a great runner up. Only marred by the fact that it is indeed incredibly touristy and when you have an aversion to too many people…. well… Utah 🏜.

Here are some photos:

3 thoughts on “A quick weekend getaway

  1. Charles & Peggy Monarch January 26, 2020 — 4:19 pm

    I was so excited to hear about your weekend and see you beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for sharing. That country sure is beautiful, I’ve never been there. Jenn we are concerned for you upon hearing you might have a patient in your hospital with this virus. I know you will take every precaution, but please know I am praying for you to maintain your good health. We love you💕

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