Keep on Keepin’ on

Because what else can we do, right?

Copper’s been sick since we returned to Colorado. He’s on his third round of antibiotics. He’s struggling. I’m struggling watching him struggle.  If he doesn’t get better this week then next week we will schedule a CT scan and maybe a biopsy.  Maybe “Tumor” “Mass” “Cancer” No owner ever wants to hear those words. But that’s what I got yesterday. His 13th birthday is on Saturday.  He feels like crap. And I feel like crap knowing he isn’t well.

I’m working out of town again for 6 weeks, commuting back and forth – gone 4 nights a week. Tomorrow starts week #2.  I’m glad to be back in Colorado, but it’s cold as heck, snows a lot more than I’m used to since we live in the mountains now, and the change of climate has been rough. I do get to leave the mountains for the Eastern plains each week now for this work contract – so I guess that’s a plus if you consider living out of hospital housing a plus. But dry land and grass? I’ll take it.

We canceled our wedding in Big Sur. That was…. hard. I still get choked up sometimes when I think about all the hours spent planning, the dream, what could have been.

But we’ve got a new dream. A new date. A new planner. A new location. Here in Colorado with a tiny group of people. It isn’t my dream wedding, but it will be special.

Life’s hard right now. We really need to catch a break.


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