That’s a wrap… pandemic quick thoughts.


Well, that’s a wrap. It’s been an… interesting travel contract at a rural critical access hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic. I have had some really sad, uncomfortable, hard, and even great days. My final shift today was spent fighting like hell to keep a young Covid patient stable and transferred to a higher level of care at a more appropriate facility to manage her care and give her the fighting chance she deserves WITHOUT just jumping to intubation. Which is what they usually do. And I hate it! There are so many studies popping up. Some people need to be intubated sooner, some later, some NOT AT ALL.

I fought for her. I haven’t taken stands like I took these past couple of weeks – ever. And I’m proud. I know SO many nurses across America are having to do the exact same thing right now.


The truth is- most MD’s are great (and some really are not) but they usually spend only a few moments, if that, with the patient daily. It’s the NURSE who is there when the patient goes from ok to worse, and worse to scary, and scary to fighting for their life. It’s the nurse who advocates for the necessary care & orders— or advocates against the unnecessary. The nurse is the last line of defense for the patient. I’ve never felt that more than during this pandemic. And I don’t think I’ve ever mattered so much as a nurse.

I’m thankful the little hospital I’ve spent so many months at since 2018 has such a great staff of nurses who do the same. And support from administration, too. It’s not *always* there, but it’s almost always there. And that is SO important during times like these.

Definitely my favorite travel contract — which is why I’ve been back three times and extended my contracts even more than that.

This next month will be spent taking a long, deep breath and focusing on myself for a bit. Getting married, finishing my Master’s (I graduate in JULY!), moving 3,000 miles away, and taking a break from the front lines.

I’ll see healthcare again in June — and hopefully Covid19 will not be there.


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