One month in!

We moved, we are (mostly) settled, we are absolutely loving our new life here— our house, our neighborhood, being so close to EVERYTHING outdoors. I am three weeks into my new job, I am so busy with grad school and ALMOST ready to graduate… and we’ve been exploring every chance we can get! Life is so busy right now because of school but I’m so close to having my Masters in Nursing I can taste it! Less than one month from now I’ll be Jenn RN, BSN, MSN (!!!!!!!) & I’ll really be able to breathe a huge sigh of relief / relaxation 🙂

Incredible hike we completed today! Cooper Landing, Alaska is 2 hours from us via road. This hike was about 5 miles round trip, way steep…. and worth every step
Yesterday we took our new kayak out for the first time. Bens parents bought us this awesome toy! We love it 🛶
On Wednesday we did about 6 miles on a mountain near our house. The trailhead is 10 minutes away. Another few miles of hiking from there and you have these views 🙂
Zainey on Wednesday’s hike! She’s loving her new life. Grass, backyard, space!
Last weekend we went to Talkeetna and had THIS amazing view of Denali (formerly known as Mount McKinley).
Momma moose and her twins in our neighbors backyard recently. We have fallen in love with the area we live in…. partially because of all of the wild life we get to see 🙂 We’ve seen moose, a black bear and even a brown bear!

Momma and the twins again! Momma has a large scar on her — likely from fighing off a bear to protect other babies at some point.
They’re so cute ❤
Moose pond down the road from our house

I hope to update this blog more once life slows down a bit! For now I’m just happy to report that Alaska 2.0 is shaping up to be a much better, joy filled adventure ❤

2 thoughts on “One month in!

  1. Photos are amazing, great views everywhere! You guys look so happy and I’m so happy for you. ❤️

  2. Love it!

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