Twenty Week Update

We are half way there 🙂 Both to Kentucky AND through this pregnancy!

Yes, We’re currently on our way to Kentucky to spend Thanksgiving with Ben’s family. Being 20+ weeks pregnant is not the time to spend 16+ hours in the car! I’m so uncomfortable. But, we are making our way slowly. We are currently in the middle of Missouri.

To protect Ben’s parents and family and me we are all getting / already got Covid tested. Ben and I completed our test on Thursday. We are both completely asymptomatic and haven’t been exposed that we know of – it’s just a precaution. So far everyone in his family has tested negative (except one, but she got Covid last week and is doing fine). We should receive our results any time now!

Anyway, here we are also: 20 weeks pregnant!!! Baby girl is healthy and doing well and we had our anatomy scan yesterday where her Organs and heart and bones etc. were measured. She is measuring in the near 80th percentile, has long leg bones (Grandpa Lance is very tall!), and is measuring about 4 days ahead of schedule.

We are already so in love 🙂

I am feeling great. I started my new job this past Monday and completed my first week at work. I’m back to working in eating disorder recovery (which is where I worked when I was a new nurse in 2014) & I’m happy to be back in healthcare working for a good company, away from the bedside/hospital setting & constant exposure to communicable diseases. No more!

Because of the ridiculous increase in Covid cases in Colorado Ben is now working from home almost exclusively. It’s so nice to have him home!!! Especially now that I’m back to work.

That’s about it for this most recent update. Life is progressing! We are excited to see family for the next week. Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🍁🍽

1 thought on “Twenty Week Update

  1. November 21, 2020 — 1:42 pm

    Great pictures and great updates!!!! So happy for you and Ben; hope you continue to have safe travels to and fro and have fun with his family. Love and Happy Thanksgiving from the Bacis!

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