6 Months Later

My last post was nearly 6 months ago. It was about the death of Copper. Six months ago today was when we said goodbye. I’m still not doing too well with his passing, but, I’m doing okay. And that’s fine for now. He changed my life and being without him just feels weird and my days feel emptier. He was my very best friend. I miss him every. single. day. I teach Emery about him. She waves to him on the wall (his painting). I ask, where’s Copper? And she’ll look around the room until she sees his smiling face and then she will wave at my sweet boy 💙

Six months without Copper means 6 months in Kentucky. And while I don’t love it here, I am thankful for a few things. I’m going to recap the past several months in the next few posts. Most of these recaps involve trips with Emery & Ben. Speaking of — Isn’t is interesting how the year God took Papa Archie, he gave Ben? And the year He took Zainey, He gave Lilah? And the year He took Copper, He gave Emery? These thing don’t just “happen”. He knows.

North Carolina

I am thankful for our first trip to North Carolina. In October we spent a weekend in North Carolina. We were missing Colorado big time and were so excited to get back up into the mountains. We found a Cabin up above 5,000 feet on a mountain top. We live four hours away from North Carolina so it wasn’t too bad of a drive. We had a really nice time drinking coffee on the mountain porch, ordering take out & we even went wine tasting and on a small hike across a suspension bridge. Emery was a trooper for the weekend and so were the dogs. It wasn’t quite fall yet but it was more fall than we ever got in Kentucky. Bugs and heat and no color changes are what we got in Kentucky. Ask me how I feel about that if you want to hear me gripe 😉

North Carolina Pictures

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