Kentucky Memories (First 6 Months)

— Wrote this in Feb & forgot to post it!!

Now that I’ve complained enough about the Kentucky weather in my other posts– I wanted to share some good memories from the first six months here! And I will say – the weather isn’t nearly as bad 35 miles North in Lexington. We are just horribly unlucky and live where for whatever reason it is very windy 6/7 days a week and seems to get the worst of the storms in this entire area. We do not know why. Even the weather seems much better where Ben’s parents live, which is further west. It makes no sense! Despite the weather, it has been really nice having family live near by. Ben’s entire family lives about 2.5 hours away. We spent Thanksgiving, Christmas and just last weekend there visiting his parents house. We have also had other time to spend with them and I know it is so great for Emery to see her grandparents and aunts, uncles and cousins!! Plus, it has been a nice change to be close to family. That is very rare for me and Ben, for sure. I personally have lived away from family since I was 18. Crazy how time flies!

dLots of memories have been made for our sweet girl in these past 6 months.

First time on a swing
Chiefs Playoffs!
First snow in KY
Outdoor walks with mom and dad
Halloween! Emery was a deer, mom was a unicorn
Christmas was really special for Emery this year. Everyone on Ben’s side really spoiled her & it was a ton of fun!
Happy 2022
Happy Halloween! Note: Mom and Lilah match ❤
Matching with mama for Christmas pictures
Dad loves to get into Emery’s play pen and act silly
Ready to walk outside to the car in the cold!

How Emery felt when the Chiefs blew it and lost the playoff game
Trail walk with mom and dad in our town

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