In August we brought home a little special friend. Thanks to Ben for letting me add another Shiba to our life 🙂

Todd, Toddy, Hot Toddy or as Emery sometimes calls him “Tawn” or “Toad” when he’s being bad.

He turns 9 months next week so I guess it’s time to introduce him to the blog that I continue to fail to update!

Todd may look like Copper… but their personalities are so very different! Todd came to us at a whopping 3.4 lbs at 10 weeks old. He was such a sweet boy and still is. He loves us, random people, pets from strangers and walks.

Lilah took him under her wing as soon as they met and she’s loved him and cared for him ever since! Now that he’s older and more Shiba-ish neither of them knows who the dominant one is. But neither seems to want to decide. They get along great, are best friends and its so nice to have two pups. Emery LOVES her dogs. And so do I 🙂

I had really missed having a Shiba. And I still really, really miss my sweet boy Copper. But I’d be lying if I said bringing Todd home didn’t help to heal a very broken part of my heart. With that being said… Copper will always hold a larger than life place in my heart and I think of him ALL of the time. All of the time. He was and always will be my soul dog. Todd keeps us on our toes despite being such an easy puppy and fitting in seamlessly! But he is a Shiba, after all.

1 thought on “Toddy

  1. He looks a lot calmer than salami ( Copper) Luv ya,Pops


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