Yesterday I decided to start taking pictures at the end of my cardio machine workouts so I can keep myself accountable throughout the month of May.  There is something motivating about having a detailed picture and a reminder of my 45-60 minutes spent on the elliptical, treadmill or bike. My goal at the beginning of the year was to lose 15lbs by Memorial Weekend.  I have never really kept track of my weight, ever, but for the first time I decided it might be beneficial to hop on a scale from time to time. Prior to this challenge I had probably gotten on a scale three times in two years.  I just don’t want to be one of those girls who obsesses over her weight and gets on a scale every day.  And I still don’t.  I have only checked my weight a small handful of times since beginning my challenge in January.

Memorial Weekend is about 3.5 weeks away now and I still have some work to do if I want to make my goal.   I’ve been consistent with working out.  I usually make it to the gym three times a week but on a good week I’ll go 3-4 times and hike or go for a long outdoor walk with Copper on the 5th day.  I rarely make it to the gym on Sundays or Mondays because I work 12.5 over night shifts and I’m usually resting up during those days while I prepare my body (mentally and physically) for staying awake for several hours.

The last time I weighed in (about a week and a half ago) I was still about 6 pounds from where I wanted to be.  I definitely feel and look different and at this point, I know I’m gaining muscle.  So, if I don’t quite reach 15 by Memorial Weekend, I won’t be too hard on myself.  What’s most important is that I have, finally, come to LOVE the gym.  I love burning a few hundred calories while tuning life out and listening to music or watching my pastor, Miles McPherson, deliver a hilarious sermon through my iPhone.  I love the feeling of accomplishment after a good workout.

Aside from my actual weight loss goal, I am also working towards another half marathon!  Last year I ran the Estes Park Half Marathon.  It was my first ever half and I had a great, great time.  This year I hope to beat my record by a solid 15 minutes.  I know I’m only going to reach that goal if I train consistently over these next few weeks, regardless of how tired I am with classes and work. I am hoping the University has a gym I can utilize after classes… my race is on June 17th.  I hear it’s crazy windy in Laramie so running outside might not be the best option.  Although, the campus is quite pretty….


May 1st.  1 hour on the elliptical. 550 calories burned.


May 2nd.  45 minutes on the treadmill. 4.4 miles.

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