This picture pretty much sums up our lives.


I got off work early Saturday night (was home by 1:30am) so Copper and I spent the entire day on Sunday studying with the Yankee game on in the background.  Copper fell asleep on my book…. I think he’s sick of all the school work, too!  But I thought this picture pretty much sums things up.  Life consists of work (school and hospital) and sleep 🙂  10.5 months left!

I’m on day 12 of my 17 day stretch of either work or nursing school clinical.  Casper was great… I actually enjoyed myself a lot 🙂  It was hectic and such but I really liked being able to focus on nothing but school.  I headed back to Colorado on the 12th after our training session was over.  Thursday morning my great grandpa (who is 85!) met me in Denver and we went to a nice 2 hour breakfast where we chatted about everything.  He’s so wonderful.  He has been traversing the country and decided to drive through Denver.  It was so nice seeing my Pop.

After I said goodbye to him I headed to Castle Rock to work with the boys for 5 hours.  I’m Nannying a few times a month again.  It’s nice to see them semi regularly now – I missed those kids!! Friday, Saturday and last night I worked at the hospital and I am currently on call and praying I don’t have to go in tonight.  I need the work, but I seriously need ME time more.  And after very little over the past several days, I actually got to have some today!  The hospital called and put me on call around 5pm and by 6 Copper and I were on our way to Wash Park (my favorite place).  I took him for a quick 30 or so minute walk around the lake, clutching my cell in case the hospital called.  They didn’t, and Copper and I actually got to enjoy a gorgeous 65 degree fall evening.  Colorado is beautiful in the summer…. but fall is in close second 🙂

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